Apply for 1-on-1 Coaching

Would you like to be personally coached by Richard Cooper?  Cool, the areas I coach in are as follows:

  • Career (improve income, map a path, make better choices etc)
  • Relationship/dating (take an ex back, oneitis, heartbreak, vetting for marriage etc )
  • Self care (TRT, fitness, diet, improving energy, sleep better & focus more etc)
  • Personal branding (how to build your name, public speaking etc )
  • Investing (private equity investments, real estate etc)
  • YouTube (build an audience, and monetize it)
  • Entrepreneurship (marketing, bootstrapping a business, or side hustle)

There are two options to get coaching from me.  All rates are in USD.  All conversations are private & confidential.


Option #1 

If this is a one time coaching session, urgent, or you don’t want to commit to long term coaching with me you can book me for a short 15 to 60 min call.  The system is simple, easy, and bills by the minute, you are only charged for the time we use on the phone.  So if you book 30 min, but we are done at 22 min, thats all you pay for.

In most cases you can request a call with me within 24 hrs, even on weekends or evening, and with a few simple clicks, we are scheduled in for a conference call.

There is no application process because my rate IS the qualifier for these types of one off calls. You can see by my 5 star rating over hundreds of calls, I am VERY effective at what I do there.

Request a call with me now at by clicking  here



In most cases men need longer term coaching, especially when it comes to dealing with trauma, updating their belief system, and getting better results with women, money, and business.

My rate is $1,000/hr for longer term coaching, and consists of a one hour call per month over 3 months using Skype, Zoom or Facetime.  You will also have access to unlimited email support throughout the month with me.

The minimum commitment is 3 months or $3,000 which will be invoiced once I approve you for coaching.

To apply, please complete and submit the form below. We receive multiple applications every week, so please be patient with my reply.