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  1. Normally they will ask visitors to cross by a ‘human verification’ course of where they must full a single survey or provide.

  2. Can someone from customer service please get in touch with me? I have a question about my account

  3. Hi Rich,
    do I have to cancel my Patreon Pledge to pledge here to get access or is your site another 10$ Pledge? Or is there a trick for patreon to get access? Keep up the good stuff.

    1. Yes, you can cancel on patreon, and move to pledging on the website.

  4. Hi Richard. We did a Clarity call about a month ago and I recently purchased the tier 3 membership. I filled in the form to get access to the private Facebook community page, but haven’t received an invite. Can you please send a link?



  5. How do i get the number for The EiC Private Community?

      1. I’ve made a contribution on patreon! I saw the link in the comments for the private community but it didn’t work. How do I access the community?

        1. You need to cancel on Patreon and pledge on the website to access these comments and videos

  6. Why can’t I see videos?

    1. You need to cancel on Patreon and pledge on the website to access these comments and videos

  7. I signed up on youtube for the perks for 5 bucks. This isn’t the same as what happens on youtube?

  8. What is the difference between between this private men’s community and clicking on the “join” tab on your Youtube channel to pay 4.99 a month for premium content? Sorry, not sure why I don’t know this.

    1. It’s all laid out in the video on the community tab

  9. Hi Richard, could u send me A link for the private Facebook page as I can’t log on when asked the question ?

    1. The secret # to quote is 15

  10. Hey Richard I need to resubscribe (I had to stop the subscription because of an issue with my credit card which is now resolved). I don’t see how to do that on the subscriptions page. Going to the registration and clicking the basic membership says “.You don’t have access to purchase this item.”.

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